Julie Shah and Neel Shah (Heads of House)

Julie Shah, Neel Shah, and family

Email: sp-headsofhouse@mit.edu

Address: Sidney-Pacific, Apt. #568

Welcome to SP, the best living community at MIT! Along with Alberto and Nuria, we are honored to be able to help carry on many wonderful SP traditions and work with you to create new ones.

We have both spent a lot of time at MIT. In Julie's case, before becoming a professor she spent a decade collecting three MIT degrees. Neel went to Brown and Harvard, but considers MIT his home too after countless visits to hang out with Julie (we started dating in college). While we were graduate students we lived in MIT's Baker House as graduate resident tutors helping to support student life. After graduating we spent several years living across the river in the South End exploring the best of what Boston has to offer. We look forward to trading tips on the best galleries, markets, and restaurants in the city! We also look forward to introducing you to the other members of our family, our son Luca (3 years old) and daughter Lily (1 year old). And of course there is Sidney the puppy and Bolivar the parrot.

Julie is a professor in Aero/Astro, and pursues a wide research agenda than ranges from collaborative robotics to the social responsibilities of computing. Neel is a professor at Harvard Medical School and a practicing obstetrician who works on improving health systems. When we're not working or chasing our kids around, we love cooking (and eating), exploring Boston, and discovering new music and TV shows :)

We decided to become heads of house because it is a pleasure and a privilege to get to know you. Please stop by any time (Room 568) and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, whether they are about life at SP or navigating the waters of graduate student life at MIT in general.

Alberto Rodriguez and Nuria Jane

Alberto Rodriguez and Nuria Jane

Email: sp-headsofhouse@mit.edu

Address: Sidney-Pacific, Apt. #268

Hello everyone, we are Alberto Rodriguez and Nuria Jané, your Associate Heads of House in Sidney Pacific. We have been serving this role in this wonderful community since 2017. Alongside with Julie and Neel, we enjoy the amazing opportunity to live in SP.

We came to the US in 2006 and have gone multiple times through the experience or arriving and adapting to a new community and a new set of circumstances. For us, they key is finding your support network. Either family, friends or colleagues, its is important to be surrounded by people that care about you, and people that you care about. We strive to make SP a place that you can call home for as long as you are at MIT, and many years after.

Alberto is an Associate Professor at MechE. He spends his days working alongside students reinventing robotic manipulation in the MCube Lab. Nuria is a community builder, and works raising the kids, Zoe and Leo, who you will see running around SP. They are incredibly lucky to grow up in SP's inclusive and caring community. You will also notice Coco, our white dog. A (sometimes) noisy but sweet addition to the family and the community.

Our whole family loves living here. Getting to know you is very rewarding. You can find us at apt 268. Please, don’t hesitate stoping by or getting in contact for any questions you may have.

Welcome to SP!!