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Office of the President

Jatin Patil

Jatin Patil sp-president President
Lily Liu sp-cosi-chair CoSI Chair
Sidhant Pai sp-cosi-chair CoSI Chair
Gayathri Muthukumar sp-cosi-chair CoSI Chair
Deiaa Harraz sp-environment-chair Environment Chair
Jing Yeo sp-environment-chair Environment Chair
Adela Zhang sp-outreach-chair Outreach Chair
Shuvomoy Das Gupta sp-outreach-chair Outreach Chair
Office of Resources

Edward Wang

Edward Wang sp-vp-resources VP of Resources
Linsen Li sp-av-chair A/V Chair
Andrew Rouditchenko sp-av-chair A/V Chair
Xin Sui sp-aquarium-chair Aquarium Chair
Sandra Liu sp-aquarium-chair Aquarium Chair
Ivan Goryachev sp-athletics-chair Athletics Chair
Belén Saldías Fuentes sp-bikes-chair Bikes Chair
Anthimos-Vardis Kandiros sp-controller Controller
Joseph DelPreto sp-finance-developer Financial System Developer
David McGrath sp-inventory-chair Inventory Chair
Alex Diaz sp-it-chair IT Chair
Aniruddh Raghu sp-music-chair Music Chair
Mohamed Elsheikh sp-music-chair Music Chair
Susana Hoyos sp-plants-chair Plants Chair
Manali Shinde sp-plants-chair Plants Chair
Office of Residential Life

Christopher Johnstone

Christopher Johnstone sp-vp-reslife VP of Residential Life
Setayesh Radkani sp-arts-chair Arts Chair
Mingyu Yang sp-brunch-chair Brunch Chair
Dousabel Tay sp-brunch-chair Brunch Chair
Sudarsanan Rajasekaran sp-coffeehr-chair Coffee Hour Chair
Pantea Karimi Babaahmadi sp-coffeehr-chair Coffee Hour Chair
Daniel Ng sp-coffeehr-chair Coffee Hour Chair
Ethan Tian sp-cultural-chair Cultural Chair
Yen-Ting Wang sp-cultural-chair Cultural Chair
Guoqing Wang sp-spice-chair Inter-Cultural Exchange (SPICE)
Qiaohao Liang sp-outing-chair Outings Chair
Nicholas Liu sp-social-chair Social/Orientation Chair
Daniel Ng sp-social-chair Social/Orientation Chair
Office of Information

Lijie Fan

Lijie Fan sp-vp-info VP of Information
Kevin Silmore sp-3dprinting-chair 3D Printing Chair
Zhibo Chen sp-photofile-chair Photofile/Archive Chair
Ruicong Chen sp-publicity-chair Publicity Chair
Daniel Zheng sp-publicity-chair Publicity Chair
Linsen Li sp-sptv-chair SPTV Chair
Yifan Yang sp-video-chair Video Chair
Ben Yuan sp-web-chair Web Chair
Beichen Li sp-web-chair Web Chair
Chris Whittle sp-web-chair Web Chair
Yingcheng Liu sp-web-chair Web Chair
Hall Council

Rachel Zoll

Rachel Zoll sp-hallchair Chair of the Halls
Sharon Hsia sp-floor12s-hc 1 / 2 South Hall Councilor
Khandoker Nuzhat Rafa Islam sp-2north-hc 2 North Hall Councilor
Abhishek Singh sp-3north-hc 3 North Hall Councilor
Yuan Zhu sp-3south-hc 3 South Hall Councilor
Yuwei Li sp-4north-hc 4 North Hall Councilor
Peiqi Wang sp-4north-hc 4 North Hall Councilor
Tara Boroushaki sp-4south-hc 4 South Hall Councilor
Rashmi Ravishankar, sp-5north-hc 5 North Hall Councilor
Yun Chang sp-5south-hc 5 South Hall Councilor
Weize Yuan sp-floor6-hc 6th Floor Hall Councilor
Siyi Hu sp-floor7-hc 7th Floor Hall Councilor
Antonio Salazar-Martin sp-floor8-hc 8th Floor Hall Councilor
Samuel Alipour-fard sp-floor9-hc 9th Floor Hall Councilor
Michelle Ramseier sp-dailylife-chair Daily Life Chair
Constance David McGrath sp-dailylife-chair Daily Life Chair
Wan-Ni Wu sp-interestgroups-chair Interest Groups Manager
Michelle Ramseier sp-interhall-coord Interhall Coordinator
Wan-Ni Wu sp-interhall-coord Interhall Coordinator
Constance David McGrath sp-interhall-coord Interhall Coordinator
Phadtaya Poemnamthip sp-interhall-coord Interhall Coordinator
Phadtaya Poemnamthip sp-wellness-chair Wellness Chair