From: Jack Ahern (sp-housemanager @

Date: August 10th, 2009

Parking space is limited as we share our parking facility with Edgerton, New Ashdown and the Warehouse.

Between August 15th and September 15th, temporary passes for the lot are available at the SP front desk. Once obtained, these must be placed in clear view on the dashboard of the resident vehicles.

Residents must then apply to the parking and transportation office for a permanent sticker. The sticker and Card will be activated to then give residents the option to park either in the SP lot or the SP garage.

Online Parking Registration

Go to and select 'student parking'. Do not forget you need a certificate to use the on-line system.

When you finish providing all your information, press the SUBMIT button and the information will go directly to the parking coordinator, who will review your information, and, if everything is correct, submit it to the Parking Office. Your permit should be available in early September.

If your information is not correct, the parking coordinator will notify you and you can resolve any discrepancies.

You can contact the Parking Office at mitparking @, or go to the office at W20-022 (basement of Student Center), or call 617-258-6510.

You can refer to the MIT Parking website.

Temporary Parking Permits: Rules and Regulations

  • Permit valid in the Sidney/Pacific Parking lot OR Northwest lot on corner of Pacific and Albany;
  • Permit is valid from August 15, 2009 through September 15, 2009 only;
  • Permit must be placed on car dashboard on the far left to be seen by campus police in order to be valid;
  • Parking Fines will be assessed to all cars parked in the lot without the permit visible in the window;
  • Access to the lot will automatically be placed on your Student ID when permanent access is available.