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Description of the Board of Trustees

"The Board of Trustees shall exercise the judicial powers of the Sidney-Pacific Graduate Community, administrate fair elections, act in an advisory capacity to the House Council, and assume other duties as requested by the House Council. The Board shall consist of at least three members, nominated by the Executive Council and confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the House Council, holding office so long as Active Membership is maintained. The Board shall elect a Chair from among its members for a one year term of office. No member of the Board may be a member of the House Council. Decisions of the Board shall be made by majority vote, with the Residential Life Associate serving in an advisory capacity. Cases may be brought before the Board by petition, in writing, of any Member."

-- from the SP Constitution

Current Members of the Board

The trustees can be contacted as a group at sp-trustees @ The trustee chair can be contacted at sp-trustee-chair @

  • Geeticka Chauhan
  • Arkopal Dutt (Trustee Chair)
  • Olivia Fiebig
  • Mohammad Islam
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Sandra Liu
  • Caroline Nielsen
  • Mayuran Saravanapavanantham
  • Christopher Whittle

Anonymous Email to Board of Trustees Chair

You can send anonymous email to Board of Trustees Chair by clicking here. You are encouraged to use it to relay suggestions, statements, complaints, or questions to any member of the House Government that you'd rather not approach directly.