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Plants Committee

We have an amazing family of plants in S-P to add colors to our lively community. The Plants Committee is looking for responsible individuals who want to help us care for the plants. No prior experience needed! You can show off the beautiful plants to your friends when they come visit! If you are interested, please email sp-plants-chair.

Social Media Committee

Do you participate in SP events, volunteering... and want to share your experience with the SP community and more? Do you want to help manage SP's social media? You can now help the Social Media Chair by sending your pictures of your SP experience. Write to sp-social-media-chair for more information.

Information Technology Committee

Do you like tinkering with electronics and fixing things? Do you any ideas for improving our current IT resources, such as the computers, printers, and other peripherals in our Resource Room? Write to sp-it-chair and join the team!

Environmental Committee

Care about the environment? Want to help make SP the greenest dorm on campus? Wish to make a difference? Then you should join the Environmental Committee at S-P for a chance to shape the environmentally friendly future of our community! Please email sp-environment-chair and/or just come up and talk with us at SP Coffee Hour and brunches - we're the ones running all the sustainability programs such as punch cards during brunch!

A/V Committee

Do you like playing video games or working with sound equipment? Do you want to learn more about how these things work? Or, do you just like surfing TechDeals for new equipment? If you have ideas for how to improve the TV, sound, video consoles, and other AV resources in SP, join the AV committee and email sp-av-chair for more information.

Brunch Helpers

The SP Brunch is a free monthly event where graduate students get to enjoy the company of others while eating delicious prepared food. SP Brunch is one of our strongest and oldest events and the friendships last a long time. Brunch Chairs buy the food once a month, and helpers assist in preparation of the food and clean-up. As a brunch helper, you have no obligation to stay for a certain period of time - just come whenever and for however long you would like and enjoy cooking large amounts of bacon, eating delicious breakfast sandwiches and cracking 300 eggs! As a helper, you also have the opportunity to influence the food that is purchased and cooked. Many have previously prepared international foods such as Paranthas, Kibbeh, deep fried dishes in smaller quantities. If you are interested, please join the sp-helpers mailing list and email sp-brunch-chair for further questions.

Social Committee

The SP Social committee is responsible for dorm-wide social events. Events range from barbeques to big inter-college dance parties, movie screenings to small group games like trivia. Like to meet at lot of people? Do you have a great idea for a party? Interested in something unusual that you'd like to share? As a social committee member, you can influence the types of social events at SP, how they are organized, and help plan and execute events. If you are interested, email sp-social-chair.

Coffee Hour Helpers

Each week Sidney Pacific holds Coffee Hour, usually on Wednesdays at 9:00pm. Coffee Hour is one of the many events at Sidney Pacific that creates an opportunity for students to take a break from their work and mingle with each other. Help for setting and cleaning up, buying food and suggestions for improving coffee hour are always welcomed! If you are interested, email sp-coffeehr-chair. See you at Coffee Hour!

Photofile/Archive Committee

Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to improve your photography? Do you want a really good excuse to blow off labwork and go to fun S-P events? Then the Photofile/Archive committee is for you! We're responsible for creating a record of life at Sidney Pacific, and we're always looking for more photographers. You'll get to use S&P's Canon digital SLR, see your work on display in the lobby, and help plan and run photography-related events such as photo contests and workshops. No experience is necessary--we're happy to teach, and this is a great way to learn!

Aquarium Committee

We are the team responsible for keeping the aquarium in the lobby an eye-catching welcome to S-P by ensuring that the fish are healthy and the tank stays clean. If you are interested in learning how to care for an aquarium of your own, this is the job for you, since no experience is required. The aquarium committee is a great way to get involved with the S-P government and we are flexible on time commitments. If you are interested, please email sp-aquarium-chair.

Arts Committee

Do you like to draw or paint? Do you like going to museums and arts galleries, or just walking around Boston to enjoy all of its public art? The Arts Committee runs a variety of programs, and we're always looking for new volunteers. Email sp-arts-chair to get involved!

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee organizes cultural events with performances, music, authentic food, cultural outings and a large cultural festival in the summer. Interested in promoting cultural events, sharing with your fellow residents your own traditions and customs or learning about certain cultures? Do you know of an upcoming cultural festival or performance which would be an interesting cultural outing? Or if you are a part of an international student group, just let me know about your activities. Please email sp-cultural-chair

Outreach Committee

The Sidney-Pacific Outreach Committee is actively involved in improving the interaction between the SP student community, the residents of Cambridgeport area, and the Cambridge community in general. Past activities have involved volunteering at Rosie's Place and CASPAR, organization of a tax workshop, mentoring of school students and many other fun activites. It is a great way to give back to the communtiy that we are a part of! If you have ideas about new outreach activites that we could do or would like to volunteer at such an event, email us at sp-outreach-chair!