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SP Events and Notices:

Recurring Events:

SP Events and Notices

Dinner Take-out Program: Fall

We are excited to re-launch the Dinner Take-out Program at SP for the fall semester (now-end of 2021). Through this program, you'll get to enjoy meals -- reimbursed by SP -- in the company of your fellow residents!


Use these slides to learn how to get matched with SP residents and get reimbursed for your meal.

Email: sp-dailylife-chair (at

Recurring Events

Coffee Hour

Thursday, Dec 2, 2021, 7-10pm, MP room Ground Floor

Dear SP residents,

This week we will be having In-person Coffee Hour at 9pm on Wednesday. Visit us at Multipurpose room, bring your friends, enjoy freshly cut fruits, snacks and drinks 🍇🍍🍓🍉🍬☕🍿. We will also be having poker and board games 🃏🀄🎲. Don't forget to bring your plates / bowl and cutlery !!!

Note : According to covid restrictions, eating outside is recommended and if eating in-doors we should be at least 6ft apart.

Email: sp-coffeehr-chair (at